Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Lori Wickett Joins MT Wheat and Barley Committee as Communication and Marketing Director

by Andy Schwab

The Montana Wheat & Barley Committee (MWBC) welcomes Lori Wickett, of Great Falls, as the new Communications and Marketing Director.

In addition to research and education focus, MWBC has built a strong marketing/market development arm of the committee that directly represents Montana wheat and barley in foreign markets through organizations such as U.S Wheat Associates, U.S. Grains and more. International trade delegations and buyers come to Montana each year seeking the high-quality wheat and barley that Montana produces. The Communications and Marketing Director plays an integral role in the marketing system that provides Montana producers a presence in markets domestically and overseas.

MWBC Executive Vice President, Kent Kupfner, applauds the selection of Lori Wickett to serve as the Communications and Marketing Director of the Montana Wheat & Barley Committee. “We welcome Lori and look forward to leveraging her skills and expertise to support and ensure the success of the committee and our producers,” said Kupfner. “Lori brings an unmatched and specialized experience to the MWBC that will help us better serve Montana’s wheat and barley producers and industry stakeholders.”

Created in 1967, the Montana Wheat & Barley Committee is the producer-funded and directed checkoff organization for wheat and barley growers in the state. The Committee is a Governor appointed board of directors made up of 7 Montana wheat and barley producers. The Montana Wheat & Barley Committee promotes local research and develops trade markets around the world. For more information on MWBC, please visit


MWBC – 2023

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