March 2015 – Life Out West Contest: “No Snow Days. No Excuses.”




3/18/2015 UPDATE:  A Big Thank You to everyone who took the time to submit all these great photos for our contest.  We have some tough ranchers in this area who know how to get the job done, even when the weather makes it hard.  

The winner of the March's Life Out West Photo Contest was #16, Bitter Cold for Babies submitted by Rene Brown.  Be sure to keep an eye for next month's photo contest!

March's Life Out West Photo Contest: “No Snow Days. No Excuses.”

WIN a Calving Sled and Supplies from Western Ranch!!!

Northern Ag Network and Western Ranch Supply know that when it comes to feeding your cows, lambing your ewes, and some days just keeping your kids busy and out of trouble on your farm or ranch, there are NO Snow days, and NO Excuses for getting the job done.

In our first, Life Out West Contest, we want to see YOUR photos of getting it done no matter the circumstances. Although the snow hasn't been our fiercest obstacle this winter, we are looking for those pictures of days when even though the tractor is stuck in four feet of mud, you still have a job to do.

Western Ranch Supply will be giving away a Calving Supply Kit including a Calving Sled and an assortment of calving supplies such as colustrom, calf start, electrolytes etc. Winner will be the photo with the most “likes”, “shares” and “comments”. To see photos of Western Ranch's calving equipment go to Western Ranch's Facebook Page. Don't forget to “Like” their page while you are there!

The winner will be announced on National Ag Day, March 18.

To ENTER, please submit photos to Northern Ag Network via EMAIL and “Like” Western Ranch's Facebook Page!

TO VOTE, comment on your favorites at the bottom of the page.

1. Herding out of the Mountains.

Mary Brown

Thermopolis, WY

2. Frozen: The Feedlot Version

Tamara Choat

Terry, MT

3. Girls comin' to breakfast.

Jerry Jones

Busby, MT

4. Before I feed the cows…

Chase Reese

Rockin 7 Ranch, WY


5. Learning to break the ice.

Heather Reese & Reese Family

Rockin 7 Ranch, WY


6. More Snow on the way. Whitney Klasna Klasna Farms

7. Snowing sideways

Whitney Klasna

Klasna Farms

8. Digging out the feed truck.

Robert Howell

Huntley, MT


9. Grateful for a working heater in the tractor.

Travis Brown

Sand Springs, MT

10. Winter 2010-2011, Cows and sheep getting hungry.

Cattie Cornell

Cornell Angus Ranch

11. And then the snow started…

Robert Andrew

Cohagen, MT

12. Moving to better pasture.

Jerry Jones

Busby, MT

13. Making the most of it.

Heather Reese

Rockin 7 Ranch, WY

14. Frozen in twine.

Sarah Hollenbeck

Molt, MT

15. Year of the sheep.

Sara Hollenbeck

Molt, MT

16. March Contest Winner:  Bitter cold for babies.  

Rene Brown

Chinook, MT

17. Grateful for no earthquakes.

Ramona Potter

18. Cold on the range.

Duwayne Wilson

Wilson Ranch

Scobey, MT

19. Snow as far as I can see.

Gayle Steinbach

20. Found them, Dad!

Gayle Steinbach

21. Blizzard Buggy

Janie Carlson

Two Dot, MT

22. Cold Enough for You?

Lane Nordlund

Dodson, MT

23.  Headed to the barn to warm up!



24.  Hurry along, baby's cold

Hollyn Cardani

Augusta,  MT

25.  Cold enough for ya?

Hollyn Cardani

Augusta, MT

26.  Keeping an eye on the girls

Hollyn Cardani

Augusta, MT

27.  Bringing the cows home and it never quit snowing the whole 10 miles.

Teresa Lane

Converse Ranch

28.  Cold Day for a Ride

Teresa Lane

Converse Ranch


29.  Snow Blanket Babies

Katelyn Dynneson

Dynneson Ranch, Sidney MT


30.  Hungry Calves

Katelyn Dynneson

Dynneson Ranch, Sidney MT

31.  Cold Birthday


Hot Springs, MT

32.  The “Straw” bosses along to supervise.

Susan Reynolds

Big Hole, MT

33.  Trailing through the Beartooth Mountain Range

Sandi Kirch

Nye, MT

34.  Finding the Trail Home

Sandi Kirch

Nye, MT

35.  Armed to the teeth for the cold

Tami Gilbert

Ludlow, SD

36.  Pretty in Pink

Tami Gilbert

Ludlow, SD

37.  Big snow flakes coming down

Colten Wakley

Mountain View, WY

38.  Literally freezing your hairs off

Colleen Raty

39.  Good Thing these aren't Charolais Cattle!

Holley Woosley Vennes

Wilsall, MT

40.  Only looks like it is a black and white photo

Colleen Raty

41.  Feeding in the Blizzard…aka good thing for orange ear tags!

Colleen Gustafson, 

Gustafson Cross Three Ranch

Browning, MT

42.  At Least a Two Kid Gate

Colleen Raty

43.  Good Thing the Snow Drifts Didn't Get Any Higher

Colleen Gustafson

Gustafson Cross Three Ranch

Browning, MT

44.  Early Fall Storm

Marcy Gallup

Gallup Ranch

East Glacier Park, MT

45.  No Snow Days for Montana High School Rodeo Either

Choteau, MT High School Rodeo 2014

Greta Gustafson & Chilly (aptly named!) 

46.  Digging out cattle trapped on the buffalo jump.

Colleen Gustafson

Gustafson Cross Three Ranch

Browning, MT 


47.  It Ain't All Fun and Games

Muriel Boyd

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