Montana Board of Livestock Votes to Raise Fees


Brand inspection, per capita, and lab fees will all soon be seeing increases.

We've reported several times this year on budget problems at the Montana Department of Livestock.  While you can go through line item after line item to describe those, the industry simply wants to know how it will be fixed.  Last week during a Montana Board of Livestock meeting, they voted on some action items to do just that.

Christian Mackay is their Executive Officer.  We spoke with him Thursday.

Christian tells us that by the end of the month, brand inspection fees will see an across-the-board increase.  They'll now be $1/head.  Per-capita fees were upped as well.  CLICK HERE to see the numbers.

Lab fees will also be increased.

To read the minutes of what took place during that meeting, visit the Montana Board of Livestock website.


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Haylie Shipp

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