Montana looks at feasibility of processing plant


A group studying the feasibility of locating a multi-species meat plant in Montana has determined that a mid-sized facility with capacity to process 250 head of beef or bison a day could be profitable.

The non-profit group, One Montana, conducted a two-year study that examined market, labor, design, economic and wastewater factors.


From the One Montana Meat Processing Facility Feasibility Study Report:

–Marketing research was conducted to determine the desirability of Montana meat products at the consumer and retailer levels, and producers were surveyed to determine their level of interest in participating in a Montana-branded meat product. The marketing research found that that “with the right economic conditions, it is possible the market for Montana meat brands could expand to the size and scale to warrant a new, medium sized processing facility.”

–Facility design proposed a facility that could process up to 250 head of beef and/or bison daily. The cost of the plant was estimated at $43,982,976. An additional $20,000,000 was recommended as working capital.  Labor research determined that the proposed processing plant would need a staff of about 150 people at an average wage of $35,000 annually.

–Disposal of waste and wastewater were addressed through the use of an anaerobic digester and a Land Application System for wastewater.

–Finally, economic factors were considered and in the fifth year of operation the plant was projected to “generate total local revenues of $329 million”.

Results of the study were scheduled to be presented at the Montana Stockgrowers Annual Convention in Billings.

CLICK HERE to read the full report

Source:  MeatingPlace, One Montana

Posted by Jami Howell

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