Montana Seeking Ag Education Specialist


In the past 8 years, the number of Montana High School that offer Ag Education classes has grown dramatically, from about 75 to over 90.  The number of FFA members has also grown to record numbers, both in Montana and nationwide.

But for the past seven months, Montana’s Office of Public Instruction has been working without a State Ag Ed Specialist, and the empty position has not been easy to fill.

The former Ag Ed Specialist, Brad King resigned in late spring 2016.  The first Search for his replacement was unsuccessful, and a second broader effort was launched to try to find the right candidate for this important position.  

Applications will be taken until the end of the day today, December 1.  (APPLY HERE) No one seems to have any indications yet of whether that second Search has yielded a strong enough candidate pool.

There is much hope that this broader Search has generated some good candidates who can be ranked and interviewed to achieve hiring a State Ag Ed Specialist.



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