Mrnak Hereford Ranch 48th Annual Production Sale


Dear Friends and Hereford Enthusiasts:

It is our sincere pleasure to welcome friends, family, and Beef Producers to
the Mrnak Hereford Ranch’s 48th Annual Production Sale in Bowman, North Dakota.
We truly believe this is one of the strongest set of bulls we have ever offered.

It has never been more exciting to think of the future of the beef industry, but
with record calf prices comes record increases in production costs. At the Mrnak
Ranch we realize, now more than ever, that increasing efficiency and enhancing
herd performance has never been more important. This year’s bull offering can
truly do both, and ultimately increase your herd’s profitability.

Like any program, our fundamental base starts at the factory. We have pursued
maternal strength in our cowherd for as long as we have been in the business.
We have always strived to carefully select our herd sires to build and produce a
sound maternal cowherd with performance driven genetics, allowing us to supply
our customers with the best bulls that we can produce.

In addition to continuously improving the genetics we offer, we also work to
continually improve our customer service. Ask any one of us about our ‘Mrnak Advantage
Programs’ and how we can add value and marketability to your calves.
We welcome you to stop by the ranch anytime prior to sale day to look over this
exceptional offering. And stay tuned for our 1st Annual Mrnak Maternal Advantage
Female Sale on November 19, 2015, this will be one event you will not want to miss!

See you on the 8th!

The Mrnaks

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