Friday, September 29, 2023

MSGA Welcomes New Board of Livestock Members

by Andy Schwab

The Montana Department of Livestock welcomed four new members to the Board of Livestock at its March meeting Wednesday. Greg Wichman joined the board as the sheep representative in addition to Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) members Gene Curry, Jake Feddes, and Alan Redfield, all serving as cattle representatives.

Gene Curry, appointed board chair, has spent his life working in the livestock industry. His family runs a diversified operation with livestock and small grains in Valier. He is also a past president of MSGA.

Jake Feddes is a producer in the Gallatin Valley and has a diverse range of experience and knowledge of cattle production, meat processing, livestock marketing, and many other issues facing Montana agriculture.

Alan Redfield graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Agriculture Education and taught in Montana public schools for more than a decade. Mr. Redfield has also served in the state legislature and held the position of Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. He ranches in Livingston.

“Our organization is thrilled to have such strong member representation serving on the Board of Livestock,” said Jim Steinbeisser, MSGA President. “This board plays a crucial role in protecting our state’s livestock industry and these individuals will do a phenomenal job representing the interest of cattle producers across the state.”

Nina Baucus, also a MSGA member, is serving her six-year term on the board as one of the four cattle industry representatives.

The Board of Livestock consists of seven members appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. Each member represents a segment of the livestock industry and plays an integral role in addressing a number of issues facing the livestock sector and making decisions that move our industry forward.

MSGA leadership testified on behalf of Curry, Redfield and Feddes during their senate confirmation hearings advocating they will be effective leaders and bring valuable experience and knowledge to the board.


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