MSU Animal and Range Dept Enrollment Grows


As part of the MSU Ag Appreciation Weekend the last week in October, the Animal and Range Sciences Department Advisory Committee held their annual fall meeting, and received some very good news!

Dr. Glenn Duff has been in place as the new Department Head now for just over a year, and he reported to the Advisory Committee that enrollment in their program has increased again this fall.  There are now 300 undergraduate students and 18 graduate students enolled in Animal and Range Sciences. 

Dr. Duff said a big part of the reason for the growth  is because MSU is one of the few Universities in the nation that has kept their College of Agriculture focused on practical, hands-on, real-world instruction and research.  “While other ag colleges are downsizing their teaching and laboratory practicums, students know they can come to MSU and acquire the basic and relevant animal and range science skills that prepare them for jobs in the industry or in production agriclture”, reported Dr. Duff. 

(Click here to read about that program, and two of those students:  AnnaMarie Samson of Three Forks, and Scott Anderson of Alexander, ND, in the newest edition of the Department’s Newsletter.)

The Animal and Range Sciences Department is currently interviewing for three faculty positions:

  • Range Ecologist
  • Ruminal/Gastroinestinal Microbiologist
  • Geneticist

According to Dr. Glenn Duff, all three of these new faculty will focus on the department’s objective to improve grazing livestock management. 

                                                                    Submitted by Taylor Brown

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