MT Board of Livestock Considers Expanded DSA


During Montana’s Board of Livestock meeting on Monday, two items on the agenda hinged on Montana’s Designated Surveillance Area (DSA) for brucellosis.  For more information on the DSA, visit the Montana Department of Livestock’s website.

With several states putting into place regulations requiring individual ID for intact cattle coming out of the DSA’s in both Montana and Wyoming, the Board is looking at creating a standardized requirement for all cattle leaving the Area.

Christian Mackay, Executive Officer for the Montana Department of Livestock, explains the concept in more detail.

The Board will also be looking at expanding the boundaries of Montana’s DSA on the western edge.  Wyoming recently expanded its borders as well.

Christian discussed the expansion possibility and what has led us to this point.

Both the change in ID requirements and the boundary expansion will go through an administrative rule process, complete with public comment, before any changes are made.

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Haylie Shipp



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