Wednesday, November 30, 2022

MT Darigold to Lay Off 35 to 40 Employees


The following statement from Darigold discusses the elimination of 25-40 positions at their Bozeman, MT facility:

“To continue to improve efficiencies within our operations, Darigold will be shifting some of its fluid milk processing from the Bozeman, Montana, facility to our Salt Lake City, Utah, facility. Darigold constantly evaluates its operations to ensure we are meeting customer needs and making the best business decisions to benefit our more than 500 farmer-owners. The decision to shift processing locations is driven by many factors, including the cost of production, location of raw milk and location of customers. The current change will eliminate nearly 1.5 million transportation miles annually for the movement of finished product.”

“This shift in processing location is estimated to result in the elimination of 35-40 positions at our Bozeman plant. Darigold is working with affected employees and encouraging them to apply for open positions within the company.  Darigold does not take this decision lightly.  The efficiencies caused by this shift in processing location, however, are obvious and compelling in the opportunity to reduce product miles traveled and resulting cost and resource savings.”

In August of 2010, Bozeman’s Country Classic Dairies merged with Darigold, Inc.  CLICK HERE to see that press release.

Find more information on this story from the MT Standard.


Source:  Darigold

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