Friday, September 22, 2023

NDSU Feedlot School


Cattle producers, feeders, backgrounders, feed industry personnel and animal health-care suppliers can learn more about feedlot production, nutrition, waste management and marketing during the annual NDSU Feedlot School scheduled for Jan. 23-24, 2019, at NDSU's Carrington Research Extension Center.

The school will include a tour of a commercial feedlot and the Research Extension Center's livestock facilities. Faculty from NDSU's animal sciences department and the Carrington, North Central, Hettinger and Central Grasslands Research Extension Centers are instructors for the school.

The registration fee is $125 per person or $175 for two people from the same operation. All meals, a flash drive with supporting documents and a copy of the Cow Bytes feed ration balancing computer program are included with the registration.

The fee does not include lodging. Register online by January 18th.

More information available here.


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