Nearly Naked PETA Member Protests in Billings


The following article/picture if from KTVQ in Billings:

Wearing nothing but underwear and paint, a member of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) hit the streets of Billings today to protest the meat industry.

The protester was under Sky-Point on the corner of N. 28th Street and N. Second Avenue, in downtown Billings. The women held a sign that read “All animals have the same parts.”

“Animals aren’t ‘breasts’ or ‘thighs’ or ‘flanks,’” says PETA campaigner Virginia Fort in a statement. “They think, feel, and want to live, just as you and I do. By exposing my body, I hope to expose others to the benefits of a humane vegan diet.”

The animal rights group says they hope this protest will encourage people to view animals as more than walking entrées.

Source:  KTVQ

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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