No-Till Gardening Workshop, Hardin MT


No-Till Gardening Workshop Series

This series of three workshops to be held May through August, 2015 in Hardin, Montana will include discussions and demonstrations on various aspects of no-till gardening. All workshops will be held 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at 389 Woodley Lane in Hardin, Montana. For more information please contact the Hardin NRCS Field office at 406-665-3442 extension 3.

Workshop Agendas

May 13, 2015
Discuss planting site conditions, show seeding into no-till ground, discuss composting and applying compost.

June 24, 2015
Show cool-season veggie harvest (peas, carrots, etc.), discuss compost tea and application, and also discuss cover crops and planting cover crops in no-till gardens.

August 19, 2015
More discussion on cover crops, show corn harvest, discuss residue site prep for next year.

USDA provides reasonable accommodations for all persons with disabilities to participate in USDA programs and activities. If you require special accommodations please contact the Hardin USDA-NRCS Field Office at 406-665-3442 extension 101 at least one week prior to the event.

USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

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