Over $1 Million Available to Fight Noxious Weeds


News Release from Montana Department of Agriculture


The Montana Department of Agriculture is accepting applications for grant funding from the Noxious Weed Trust Fund (NWTF). Grant applications are due by December 1, 2014.

The Trust Fund, established in 1985 by the Montana Legislature, can provide grant awards up to $75,000 for eligible noxious weed research projects, state and community education or development projects, and local cooperative landowner cost share grants. Over $1 million dollars from the NWTF program will be available for the development and implementation of noxious weed management programs. “The department and organizations such as county and tribal weed districts, extension offices, and conservation districts are available to assist with the completion of a grant application. We are here to help,” explained Program Manager Dave Burch.
With 98{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} of Montana’s total land area either rangeland, pastures, cropland, forests, or wildlands, noxious weeds can have a devastating impact on the state’s ecosystems and economy. Past studies estimate that just the proliferation of leafy spurge and spotted knapweed cost the Upper Great Plains, including Montana, grazing lands and wildlands $129.5 million annually. 

“While awareness, management, and control measures have become much more sophisticated, the spread of new and existing noxious weeds are still negatively impacting the economy and the ecological vitality of Montana’s vast land area. We all have a stake in managing and preventing noxious weeds,” said Burch.
Grant applications are submitted electronically through the WebGrants system at https://fundingmt.org. NWTF grants should complement and enhance the Montana Weed Management Plan. Additional information and instructions for submitting an application can be found on the Noxious Weed program’s website.
The Noxious Weed Management Advisory Council will hold final grant hearings beginning on March 2, 2015, in Helena, to make recommendations to the department’s director for final approval.



Source:  Montana Department of Agriculture

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