Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Pass Creek Angus


Welcome to our 41st Angus Production Sale!


This is the best time EVER to be in agriculture…markets are high and demand is up. With these prosperous times, we cannot waiver from our long term plans. Sire selection could never be more important to us than right now. Our buyers are selling pounds at weaning and it is our job to bring you a selection of bulls to give you that explosive gain from birth to weaning. 

It is our responsibility to plan matings with just that right female, developing top end replacement heifers and bulls, watching them grow and mature and then send that “just right” bull off to our buyer’s herd knowing he recognizes his value. Calving ease is very important in our region. 70{18648621dc58566f60964eb5074c58f5f97501fe95033d5d25ee4862e704a74a} of this year’s bull offering can be used with your first calf heifers with confidence. 

Pass Creek Angus Ranch has been in business for 55 years. All our females are run with no special treatment…just like a commercial cow. We are consistently striving to better our females for fertility, good utters, improving carcass, and docility. We all know…it is all about those females! 

Go ahead…look that bull straight in the eye and he still isn’t going to tell you what he can do for you but predictable genetics can take a lot of the guesswork out of what your cow will produce. Let us help you take the guesswork out. We still believe that flesh should be bred on, not fed on. 

You are invited to view the bulls sale day morning and have lunch with us. Thank you for your past patronage. Thank you to all of our friends, relatives, and the Pass Creek Crew for all your help. 

Please join us on April 8th . Let’s be partners in progress. 


The Rathkamp Family

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