Pass It On: Private Landownership and Successful Hunts

Sponsored Content: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

by Courtney Kibblewhite

In Montana, successful hunts often rely on good relationships and positive interactions with private landowners. Many of the species we pursue spend a substantial amount of their time on private land and depend on that habitat for their health and wellbeing. A significant amount of the hunting opportunity across Montana is due in large part to the work and stewardship of private landowners.

The relationship between hunters and landowners is critical and depends in large part on hunters being respectful of private property and the landowner’s wishes for how they manage access. A hunter that respects landowner’s wishes will not only be benefiting themselves but other hunters as well. Hunting private land is a privilege and must be treated as so.

But on top of everything else please remember:

Respect: Land, Landowners, Wildlife … Pass it on.

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