Friday, September 29, 2023

Payday for Sugarbeet Farmers

Western Sugar Cooperative Announces Third Payment on Last Year's Beet Crop

by Brett McRae

This Friday is “payday” for local sugarbeet farmers!

The Western Sugar Cooperative has announced that they are making the third and final payment on last year’s sugarbeet crop.  Across the cooperative’s four states, this final payment for 2020 production will average $4.90 per ton.

That means that after this third check, the grower-owned co-op will have made total payments to their member-owners of an average of $1,422 per acre across the cooperative.

Even better news from Western Sugar is that, thanks to favorable weather his fall, the sugarbeet harvest has gone the smoothest in years!  Mother Nature has hit growers hard the past 2 seasons, but this fall went much better.

This year’s harvest is virtually finished now, with over 90% of the harvest completed!

The co-op says the overall “Sugar-per-Acre” came in very close to their original estimates for the 2021 crop, which is great news for the whole economy!

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