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Prairie County Range Tour: Exploring Fort Keogh


Prairie County Range Tour: Exploring Fort Keogh

October 3, 2018

Fort Keogh Livestock & Range Research Laboratory in Miles City, Montana

9:00 a.m.-Noon Research Updates

Fort Keogh: Introduction & Research Overview- Dr. Lance Vermeire, will share an update on current research being conducted at Fort Keogh.

Rangeland Soil Health- Dr. Kurt Reinhart will discuss what we know about soils in rangeland and what factors limit forage production.

Management Effects of Pasture Utilization & Animal Behavior- Dr. Andy Roberts will talk about a study that monitors the effects of different management strategies, such as feedlot or pasture grazing, for yearling cattle.

Water Quality- Dr. Mark Petersen will share what Fort Keogh has learned after 10 years of water quality research and how that quality affects animal performance.

Noon-1:00 p.m. Lunch

Sponsored by Stockman Bank and catered by the Airport Inn

1:00-3:30 p.m. Range Tour

New Technology in Research- Dr. Richard Waterman will explain two new data gathering instruments that Fort Keogh is using in their research.

Water Quality Improvement- Dr. Mark Petersen will describe how a “floating island” may be a possible solution to help remove sulfates from livestock water.

Annual Bromes in Pastures- Dr. Lance Vermeire will discuss growth characteristics of annual bromes and how they can affect grazing systems.

This program is brought to you by:
MSU Extension-Prairie County, Stockman Bank, Prairie County Grazing District, USDA-ARS Fort Keogh Livestock & Range Research Laboratory

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