Property Owners Group Files Suit Against Montana FWP on Bison EIS


(Helena, Mont.)—United Property Owners of Montana has filed suit against the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (“FWP”) seeking declaratory and injunctive relief related to violations of MEPA, MAPA, and environmental impact review requirements that occurred during the development and adoption of a recently-released Environmental Impact Statement related to free-roaming bison.

“Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is determined to pursue this reckless free-roaming bison plan despite overwhelming opposition from the Montanans who would be impacted,” said Chuck Denowh, UPOM policy director.  “The wild bison EIS released by FWP in January shows their disregard for local input.  Someone has got to stand up for the Montanans whose way of life would be devastated by free-roaming bison—which is why we’ve filed suit to challenge FWP’s EIS.”

“FWP is seeking to implement their plan for wild bison without evaluating all of the risks. Bison are carriers of brucellosis, BSE, and other diseases that could decimate the livestock industry of our state and could be spread to other wildlife species,” Denowh continued.  “Their EIS also fails to address the potential for damage to private property that could be caused by herds of wild bison.  On a proposal this far-reaching, Montanans deserve to have a thorough analysis done of all the associated risks and impacts—not just the ones that are convenient for FWP to include.”


United Property Owners of Montana is an advocacy organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the rights of all Montanans to own, use, and enjoy private property.

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Robin Peters

Thank you UPOM. This is opposed by all effected and should concern all Montanans.
We’ve already lost logging, railroad and other industries. Agriculture is Montana’s number 1 industry and needs preservef.

Tammy Venne

I stand with Montanans. FWP is totally irresponsible in this evaluation of Wild Bison. Disrespectful of Montana’s rural way of life.


FWP need to listen to the property owners of Montana who this will affect. This is as intelligent as reintroducing wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

Ron Poertner

Good for UPOM for taking action against FWP plan to stuff wild buffalo in Montana. Virtually every effort to put buffalo back on the prairie has found zero support from those who will be impacted by such a decision. Farmers and ranchers are tired of being on the receiving end of restoration plans by those from afar who don’t live in the area and want to take the area back to conditions that existed hundreds of years ago. APR, are you listening?


FWP needs to be for montana. They let us talk and then go and do what the hell ever they want to. Our hunting is going to hell, the fishing sucks, they don’t listen to the us. Now they are out to destroy the ranchers! Its time they stop getting funded by our taxes as they don’t know how to properly spend or manage. The reservations have way better fish management(you can catch fish there)! Our moose are all but gone and they keep selling tags. Prices go up and numbers go down. They spend way to much on wolves which are not even native for here. We had timberwolves, not greywolves. I’ve been a hunter and fisherman in montana for 65 years so don’t tell me i don’t know what i’m talking about!!!


you don’t know what you’re talking about. Being wrong for 65 years is nothing to brag about.


Thank you, Ben. Obviously you do know what you are talking about!
Informed Montanans agree with you.


While I am the first person to berate the efforts of APR, I think this decision by FWP is a good one. That have put "sideboards" on any decision to bring "wild" buffalo to Montana. Thoroughly read the statement. Wild buffalo must be contained, they are NOT free roaming. There has to be local support, they must comply with all state laws regarding disease management. This is a good thing. Wake up people. This is best we are going to get, take it!!!!!


No free range in mt Let them roam in DC. With the truck load of wolves we can send them

Dennis Teske Prairie County Commissioner

So sorry to see government over reach and intrusive once again. Over the last 5 or 6 years when FWP held their public meetings on the issue of Bison, 99 percent of those in attendance clearly said no to the free roaming Bison. FWP as most of government thinks, they know better then you what is good for you. As was stated at the meeting held at the BLM office in Miles City. If FWP bring the Bison to Prairie County we’ll shot the Bison as they exit the truck as that will solve 2 problems. We won’t receive the animal, it’s dead, and it will send a clearer message to FWP that free roaming Bison WILL NOT be accepted in this county. Let the game begin.

Richard Peck

When the government over reaches and becomes intrusive, the best way to handle it is in a legal setting. As a "Prairie County Commissioner" I am surprised that you would incite and support violence. I own property that borders BLM land and wouldn’t want roaming bison, however I would never illegally shoot them or tell others to do so. Surely this can be handled through the courts without violence, It’s the Christian way.

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