Ranchers Questioning How Predator Tax is Spent


Granite County livestock producers approved a $1 per head tax to help fund county predator control.  The intent was that the $18,000 per year raised by the tax would be used to buy fuel for helicopter flights to find the predators such as coyotes.  The funding was intended to bridge the gap between the actual cost of each predator hunt and funds provided by the state.

According to NBC Montana ( http://bit.ly/1HjxIae ) questions still remain over where and how the tax money is used. According to County Commissioner Bill Slaughter, a key unanswered question deals with out-of-county cattle, who may only winter in Granite county. Some question if these cattle should be included in the $1 per head tax when they also reap the benefits.  

Another public meeting is planned for June 30th at 7 PM at the Hall cafe to address outstanding concerns and evaluate the program.  



Source:  NBC Montana



Coyote Hunting Prairie Dogs by Larry1732, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Larry1732 

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