Ranching’s the Life for Me


Meet Chase, a fifth generation ranch hand on his family's ranch in southeastern Wyoming, the Rockin' 7 Ranch.  Chase LOVES to go to work with his Daddy, and is pretty sure he can run the place by himself.  His dad started taking videos from his phone of all the crazy things Chase was doing at work, and his parents decided to make this fun parody video. 

Chase just recently turned 4 and apparently gets a little stir crazy hanging around the house while his older 3 siblings (Cody, 12; Shelby, 11; Paige, 10) are at school- so Mom usually goes ahead and pack an extra lunch so he can tag along with Dad–a lunch he begins eating immediately!  According to Mom, “He loves any ranch job we throw at him, but always asks Brad if they're “going branding”, so I'm guessing that's his favorite.”   

Now Chase's big sister say it's their turn for a video, so we are looking forward to seeing another great video from this ranch family.   



Source:  Rockin' 7 Ranch

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