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A wild, free-roaming bison herd in the state of Montana by 2015?  We reported earlier this week that the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks had identified interim holding areas for the very bison that could make up that herd and were looking for public comment on those.   In the meantime, FWP is working on a “statewide bison conservation strategy” that they hope to have fully developed by 2015 to identify whether or not there is actually a place on Montana’s landscape for those bison.  One of the first steps in the formation of that strategy were public meetings and comments taken in 2010 and, on the heels of what was a lot of interest from folks on the ground, FWP’s Arnie Dood has released the report about what he’s learned thus far. 


The very bison that would make up that herd are currently in holding on Ted Turner’s Green Ranch and at a quarantine facility just north of Yellowstone Park.  Montana FWP has a comment period open right now to determine if those animals should be moved to temporary locations for if and when that herd is formed.  For details on what is being discussed and how to get your comments in, read “MT’s ‘Free-Roaming’ Bison Herd Needs Pasture.”

Northern Ag Network was at one of those 2010 meetings in Circle and got this reaction from the crowd:

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