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Hello Good Friends and Customers, 

It is hard to put into words what has happened in our industry since I wrote this letter, one year ago. It’s been one in a century to remember, and I hope in your own way, somehow, you have recorded some part of it. History is fleeting and too often forgotten. 

I have just returned from a 10 day trip into China with the REAL MT group. The people of China trust and want to buy American products, especially Beef! They are growing impatient with their government to open those doors. When they do, and they will, at even fractional levels; we in the Beef industry will have good, solid, long term footing in the global Beef supply chain. That country is growing at a rate of 6 million people per year. They need food. They eat all the by-products most developed nations will not and limited amounts of lean red meat, which also has a limited and challenging shelf life. The middle class of China is growing fast. They too, like us want to start eating better tasting protein. 

People all around the world want high quality Beef. Marbling has always measured a quality eating experience. Retailers and restaurants always promote and market choice or prime as added value to their customers. Lean red meat has its place in the market as a discounted value product. 

We don’t make money focusing on the cheapest route to the end result. Best cost investments always yield higher returns in the law of averages. Feeders, packers and retailers all pay more for higher grading cattle and continue implementing better grids and traceable mechanisms to find high marbling cattle more consistently. 

Reminisce Angus bulls, loaded with these high marbling genetics, will put more of your cattle on the premium side of carcass grids, which will inspire buyers with value to continue to seek out your cattle when you market them. Reminisce Angus leads the industry in providing high marbling, predictable, repeatable problem free genetics. 

As always, the sale criteria for these bulls start with the cow side. All sale bulls are out of problem free fertile cows. We run our cows tougher than any herd of cows we have seen. We have to, that’s “The Measureable Difference in Angus genetics.” 

We offer our sincerest “Thank You” for your investment in Reminisce Angus Genetics. 

Our best regards to you, 

Bryan, Marcia, and the entire Reminisce Angus Staff

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