Report Expected to Show Less Wheat


CHICAGO (Reuters) — Analytical firm Informa Economics estimated U.S. winter wheat production for 2011 at 1.441 billion bushels, down from the firm’s March forecast of 1.496 billion, trade sources said Friday.

By class, Informa pegged U.S. production of hard red winter wheat at 792 million bushels and soft red winter wheat at 418 million bushels.

The firm estimated 2011 U.S. corn plantings at 91.9 million acres, up from its March figure of 91.758 million but below USDA’s March 31 forecast of 92.2 million.

Informa forecast U.S. 2011 soybean plantings at 76.0 million acres, up from its previous forecast of 75.269 million but below USDA’s March 31 figure of 76.6 million.

Source:  Reuters

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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