Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Rural America to the Rescue: Spring 2016 Kansas and Oklahoma Fires


With over 400,000 acres burnt in Kansas and Oklahoma many farmers and ranchers have lost a great deal in the flames. Lane Nordlund spoke with Farm Broadcaster Kyle Bauer of KFRM Radio in Clay Center, KS. They share the story of how rural America is doing what it does best. Coming to the aid of a fellow producer when there is nothing left but ashes.


Thousands of tons of hay have burned in the fast moving flames. The Kansas Livestock Association is leading the efforts to organize truckloads of hay to be sent to the affected area. In no time at all donations from across the country poured in to help feed livestock. Though hay has been delivered initially, more will be needed. 

Most fences have also been destroyed. The charred remains of brace posts lay scattered on the ground with thousands of miles of wire laying tangled on the ground.  More help is needed in supplying ranchers and farmers with the supplies they vitally need to start to rebuild.


To make a tax deductible donations the Kansas Livestock Foundation writes:

 “Donations to the Kansas Livestock Foundation (KLF) will help to meet the needs of ranchers affected by the wildfire. Funds generated will be used for fencing supplies, animal health efforts and other needs identified by KLA leadership in Barber and Comanche counties. Donations are tax deductible and can be sent to KLF at 6031 S.W. 37th, Topeka, Kansas 66614. Specify the check is for “Disaster Relief” in the memo line.”



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