S. Korea Confirms Fresh FMD Outbreak


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Less than a week after South Korea had declared an end to the worst-ever foot-and-mouth outbreak, the country’s Agriculture Ministry on Sunday confirmed that a fresh outbreak of the disease hit six pigs in the southeastern city of Yeongcheon.


The ministry immediately ordered emergency sanitation measures after ordering the slaughter of the animals and started an investigation to find out the cause of the outbreak.

Seoul’s foot-and-mouth outbreak, which has already cost the country $2.6 billion, was first reported in November last year. Since then, the government slaughtered 3.48 million animals and in January ordered mass vaccinations of all cattle and pigs – a move in which it could lose it foreign buyers.

A ministry official, however, confirmed that no more slaughter would be done to the animals, which have received vaccinations.

He said, “Some animals, despite being vaccinated, may get infected due to particularly weak resistance (to the virus).” Seoul did not report any case of deadly disease since February 25 and declared the outbreak “practically over” only on April 12.

Source:  www.AllHeadlineNews.com

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