S. Korea to Ban Antibiotics in Animal Feed


The following article is from WorldPoultry.net.

South Korea is planning to impose a total ban on the mixing of antibiotics with animal feed effective from July, Yonhap news agency has reported, quoting the government as a source.

The move is hoped to heighten consumer trust in the satefy of livestock products. “The government will impose a total ban on the addition of antibiotics to animal feed by revising rules governing animal feed production,” a farm industry offical said. “The new rules will enhance the safety of local meat and dairy products.”

Prior to 2005 South Korea had allowed 44 varieties of antibiotics to be mixed with feed, but gradually decreased the number when scientists warned of serious side effects of giving livestock too many antibiotics.

Under the revised rules the use of 8 varieties of antibiotics will be prohibited, along with one antimicrobial agent, the ministry said.

The ministry also stressed that once the law comes into effect violations will be dealt with sternly. The use of antibiotics will still be permitted in sick animals when administered by veterinarians.

Source:  WorldPoultry.net

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