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Senate Passes Resolution to Withdraw WOTUS Rule


WASHINGTON (Nov. 4, 2015) – The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Public Lands Council appreciate the bi-partisan show of support in the Senate today against the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers’ “waters of the United States” rule. NCBA President, Philip Ellis said the joint resolution passed today by the Senate (53-44) could finally put this burdensome regulation to rest.

“America’s cattlemen and women are drowning in federal regulation that adds burdens, costs and uncertainty to our businesses,” said Ellis “The WOTUS regulation is the greatest overreach yet. If allowed to take effect, it would give EPA jurisdiction over millions of acres of state and private property. Without action by Congress and the President to withdraw this rule; producers, stakeholders and states will be forced to continue litigation, adding millions of dollars in expenses and years in delay.”

The joint resolution passed by the Senate was brought by Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) under the Congressional Review Act. This resolution would order the EPA and Corps to withdraw the WOTUS rule and would prevent the agencies from further similar rulemaking. The joint resolution must now be passed by the House and signed by the President. 

Source:  National Cattlemen's Beef Association


Daines Applauds Senate Passage of Legislation Stopping WOTUS Rule

Reaffirms Commitment to Stopping Obama Administration Overreach


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator Steve Daines today applauded the bipartisan Senate passage of legislation nullifying the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greatly expanded Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule and reaffirmed his commitment to stopping the Obama administration’s overreach through any means possible.


“Today a bipartisan Senate spoke loud and clear: President Obama’s Waters of the United States power grab is unacceptable and infringes on the rights of our farmers, ranchers and landowners,” Daines stated. “But the fight to protect Americans from the Obama administration’s extreme overreach isn’t over. I’m thankful that 31 states, including Montana, are fighting against this power grab in the courts and have been granted a temporary nationwide stay on this rule. I will continue to forcefully fight against President Obama’s power grabs, just as forcefully as they are trying to control Montanans’ way of life.”


Last night, Daines took to the Senate floor to discuss his work to stop the Obama administration’s overreach and its devastating impacts on Montana jobs, natural resources and agriculture industries and Montana property rights.


Earlier this morning, Daines also appeared on FOX Business to stand up for the rights of land owners, ranchers and farmers across the country.


Daines’ efforts to stop President Obama’s egregious power grab were applauded across Montana, including by the Montana Chamber of Commerce, Montana Stockgrowers Assocation, Montana Grain Growers Association, Montana Farm Bureau, Montana Wool Growers Association, Montana Mining Association, Montana Petroleum Association and the Montana Building Industry.


Source:  Senator Daines Office

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