Sheep Coming Down Careless Creek



Here at Northern Ag we are all in love this image taken by Ellen Lehfeldt with Lehfeldt land and Livestock who ranches out of Lavina, while moving these yearling ewes to a new pasture.  Her husband John had taken the lead in a pickup with the salt troughs, dog food, etc, while Ellen was walking behind the ewes.  Apparently the ewes missed the turn because they did not want to go down a narrow road to follow John.  They just kept going straight.  

According to Ellen, “When our Border Collie was sent out to get them and bring them back, this picture presented itself to me.  We did not miss the turn the second time!” 

“We ranch out of Lavina but lease grainfields for the sheep in the winter.  This photo was at the base of the Big Snowies in the Careless Creek drainage.” said Ellen. 

Such a beautiful picture and we thank Ellen for sharing it with us!


image reposted with permission by Ellen Lehfeldt


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