Small Cattle Herd + Nervous Economy = ???


The 2011 Cattle Industry Summer Conference is underway in a hot and humid Kissimmee, Florida.  Tuesday we spoke Tom Field, Executive Director for Producer Education for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association about the declining numbers of cattle in the U.S. cattle herd.  A report out last month told us that we were at the lowest level of cattle since the summer of 1973.

Tom told us that a number of factors are making it tough to hold cow herd numbers together.

With that, Tom says that the good news is that global demand for beef is growing and our core beef users have stuck with beef through the economic times and that it’s still a product that consumers crave.

And how does he think the economy is doing?

The 2011 Cattle Industry Summer Conference will be going on through this Thursday in Kissimmee.


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Haylie Shipp


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