South Dakota Brand Board Finally in the Black


by Bob Mercer American News Correspondent

PIERRE — South Dakota’s ownership-inspection program for cattle entering, leaving or changing hands west of the Missouri River is costing slightly less than the fee charged per head, the state Brand Board’s executive director said Wednesday.

Debbie Trapp said the average expense is 93 cents this year. The board raised the brand-inspection fee to $1 two years ago because the program was running in the red at that time. The fee previously was 90 cents per head.

The fee is used to pay brand inspectors who conduct the ownership checks at sale barns, ranches and other locations. State law requires brand inspections on cattle and horses in all counties west of the Missouri River.

Trapp said spending and revenue are running even and on track through three-quarters of the 2015 fiscal year that ends June 30.

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Source:  Aberdeen News

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