Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Spring Tire Maintenance Tips


Another planting season here and with farmers hitting the fields Brad Harris, a Firestone Ag tire field engineer shares with Northern Ag Network's Russel Nemetz some tire maintenance tips to help keep growers in the field this spring.



Harris shares Firestone Ag tires is also excited to talk with growers this spring about some new tire technology that will help reduce soil compaction.



Firestone Ag Tires was an exhibiter at the recent Commodity Classic rade show in Phoenix, AZ. For more information, visit


Firestone tires have a rich history in serving farmers. Harvey S. Firestone, a fourth-generation farmer from Columbiana, Ohio, founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in july 1900, in Akron, Ohio – a city that would later become known as “rubber city.” At a time when manufacturers were focused on building tires for automobiles, Harvey had something more in mind. He dreamed of putting rubber tires on farm tractors.


That vision materialized in 1932 when he produced the world’s first pneumatic tractor tire. With its smooth ride and superior traction, the new firestone tire helped launch the most rapid and striking changes in farm equipment history.


Harvey’s effort to “put the farm on rubber” would play a significant role in the productivity of farmers around the world.


The innovation and performance that launched firestone’s reputation in agriculture then, continues to build the brand today. It remains the leading farm tire brand in the U.S.


Along with building tires for tractors, the brand continues to builds tires for the full line of farm equipment, including flotation, irrigation and implement needs. And our research farm in Columbiana, Ohio – part of the original farm where Harvey Firestone grew up and worked as a young man – is the only facility of its kind dedicated exclusively to the development and testing of tires for the farm.



Source:  Firestone Ag Tires 

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