Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Staff Reductions and Furloughs for DOL Employees


The Montana Board of Livestock held a meeting by Conference Call on Thursday afternoon to discuss the potential Budget shortfall for the 2015 Fiscal Year which ends June 30th.


Department of Livestock Executive Officer Christian MacKay told the Board that under current trends, DOL staff projected that by the end of the fiscal year in June, the four divisions that are funded by per capita fees would have collectively spent $225,815 more than budgeted.


To address this, DOL has already begin implementing expense reductions that are projected to save $129,329 over the remainder of the fiscal year; mostly by eliminating some staff positions such as four Administrative Clerks at local auctions, a District Brand Inspector, a Clinical Technologist position at the Diagnostic Lab in Bozeman, as well as IT staff, an Information Officer, and Compliance Technicians in Helena.  


The impact of those staff reductions may include fewer personnel at some auction markets, and in the Department in Helena, and delayed services at the diagnostic lab.


Unfortunately the Board determined that those expense reductions that have already begun will not be enough to cover the expected shortfall, and at least another $96,486. in additional cuts would be needed.


The Board then voted to further reduce spending through June 30th by reducing the paid hours across all four divisions (Brands Enforcement, Animal Health, Diagnostic Lab, and General Services) by cutting current employees back from 40 hours per week to 36-hour weeks.     


The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Livestock will be January 26-27 in Helena.   



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