State Beef Councils Win Crucial Step in Case Against Beef Checkoff


In the long drawn out case of R-CALF vs. Sonny Perdue, a magistrate judge granted summary judgment to the government and the 15 qualified state beef councils targeted by R-CALF and its legal partners at Public Justice.

The decision of the magistrate judge will now be forwarded to the federal district court for a final ruling. It could continue to be appealed by either party after the district court judge issues an opinion, a process that will continue over the next several months or longer.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association called the ruling an important victory for the beef industry, helping to ensure cattlemen will continue to direct how checkoff investments are made at the state level.

“We are pleased with today’s opinion, which allows state beef councils to continue the important work of beef promotion and research. Although this case is far from complete, this was a crucial step toward ensuring state beef councils retain the important ability to direct their investments at the grassroots level,” said Colin Woodall, NCBA Chief Executive Officer.

“The beef checkoff continues to provide important benefits for cattle producers in the form of research and promotion that returns nearly $12 for every dollar invested in the program. The Beef Checkoff is weakened, and the benefits it provides our industry are put in jeopardy, by lawsuits such as this one,” said Woodall.

“We’re committed to defending state beef councils from these attacks and ensuring producers at the grassroots level continue to determine how checkoff dollars are invested in their states.”


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Katrin Kolder, DVM

HMMM, does any independent US cow-calf producer or independent feeder feel that supposed $12 return for their investment in the BEEF CHECKOFF?? Millions of dollars into research and promotion…really? So that JBS gets the CHINA contract and USA gets cheap substandard mystery meat labeled as a "Product of the USA" in the grocery store??? Prices paid to producers are lower than before the supposed great NAFTA and now the USMCA. Doesnt look like NCBA is working for cattlemen that I know. We are not global corporations making HUGE PROFITS and sending them to these organizations for their lobby of the USDA and ignoring the USA cattle industry. R-CALF has the right idea, just not all the MILLIONS of dollars you suck out of the USA independent cattle producer to pay yourselves huge 6 figure salaries and enjoy the "Good Life" while the real workers in this industry are going bankrupt. I know, that is your plan so that the US Roundtable for SUstainable Beef, which you support can take over and pick the winners and losers. Naturally you have bought your way into the winners circle…for shame. We wont quit.

Anne Irish

Katrin is right!!!!! Katrin, can you find me on Facebook? I need to talk with you!! my cell phone is 406 794 5300

Karina Jones

DITTO, Katrin Kolder! You penned my exact thoughts! We will keep fighting for our liberty.

Paul D Butler

In my opinion the very worst actions by the checkoff folks has been quietly going on for decades………..paying anti beef organization like the AHA, ADA and other to tell consumers to eat less beef and telling them what type of beef to eat if they eat beef………what a huge travesty for beef producers.

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