State veterinary lab in Bozeman accredited after 11 years


by Laura Lundquist, Bozeman Chronicle


After more than a decade, a national organization has fully certified the competency of the state Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Bozeman.

After a facility inspection last month, the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians granted the Montana Department of Livestock Diagnostic Lab full accreditation for the first time since 2003. The accreditation lasts through 2015.

The laboratory, which processes the majority of tissue and blood samples ordered by Montana veterinarians, has struggled to rise above the downgraded provisional status that inspectors issued in 2003 after finding shortcomings first in funding, then in facility capabilities and finally in quality management.

Provisional accreditation is given to a lab that doesn’t meet requirements but shows an intent to do so. It’s usually granted for only a year or two.


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Source:  Bozeman Chronicle

Posted by Jami Howell


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