Thursday, December 1, 2022

Ted Turner Joins Board of Pickens’ Foundation


The following article is from Horse Talk:

American media mogul and philanthropist Ted Turner has joined the advisory board for the Saving America’s Mustangs foundation.


The foundation, set up by wild horse advocate Madeleine Pickens, hopes to provide sanctuary to captive wild horses in reserves in the western rangelands.

Pickens described Turner as a true champion of animals and the environment.

“We are so honoured to have his support with our wild horse eco-preserve project,” she said.

Pickens has bought a ranch in Nevada which, with grazing rights, provides 500,000 acres that could be used for grazing horses under her proposal for a horse reserve.

Her plan received a boost in recent months with news the Bureau of Land Management, responsible for the care of US wild horses, was formally looking for expressions of interest from private organisations interested in assuming care for some of the wild horses.

Pickens says she will be in Washington, DC, on April 14 to testify before the US House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies on the Bureau of Land Managements’ Wild Horse and Burro Programme.

Source: Horse Talk

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