Teen Sells 4H Pig to Help Pay Mom’s Cancer Bill, Raises $31,000


Monica Russell, whose children have participated in 4-H Activities for years in Morgan Utah,  was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 23.   Her son, Cade, entered his pig in the fair to help with medical costs. His pig ended up second place at the Morgan County Fair on Saturday and he had hoped to raise a few thousand dollar through the sale to help with his mom's cancer treatment bills. It didn't take long for the community to show just how much they supported this family.  

According to KSL.com:

“And all of a sudden the price of the pig just started shooting up,” Russell said. “And when it got to about $7,000, my eyes were getting big, thinking, 'Oh, my word. I can't believe they're doing this.' And it just kept going up, by the thousands.”

The pig sold for a whopping grand total of $31,000.

“It was just a very emotional thing because we have a community that have supports our kids through that livestock show but they were also showing their support for our family,” she said.

Community members had planned to help draw up the bid during the sale and three community bussinesses joined together to split the cost:  Ron and Becky Hales of Center Point Construction, Mike and Tina Gleason of Mountain Valley Mechanical and Jonathan Cannon.  

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Source:  KSL.com

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