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The 40 Best College Farms


The 40 Best College Farms

College Ranker has put together a list of what it considers the 40 Best College Farms based on the following criteria:

* Hands-on experiences
* Student involvement
* Community outreach programs
* Workshops, classes, and lectures
* Volunteering opportunities
* Degree plan options

Montana State University made the list, but not where we would have put it!  The Arthur H. Post Research Farm strengths were listed as it's dedication to the purpose of developing new wheat and barley varieties, cropping systems research, increasing seeds through Foundation seed and studies on how to control weeds in small grains. The major focus of the Post farm was listed as plant breeding programs.  

Check out the list and let us know what you think!

CLICK HERE for more information on the College Farm programs and College Ranker's outline of the farm program.  

40. New Mexico State University

39. Ohio State University

38. Pomona College

37. Antioch College

36. Earlham College

35. Penn State University

34. Sterling College

33. University of Idaho

32. Western Washington University

31. Michigan State University

30. Evergreen State College

29. North Carolina State University

28. Montana State University

27. Bowdoin College

26. Delaware Valley University

25. Washington State University

24. Wilson College

23. Prescott College

22. Dartmouth College

21. Oberlin College

20. University of New Hampshire

19. California State University

18. Berry College

17. Berea College

16. Yale University

15. University of Minnesota Duluth

14. University of California – Davis

13. College of the Atlantic

12. Butte College

11. Hampshire College

10. Deep Springs College

9. College of the Ozarks

8. Ferrum College

7. Cornell University

6. Warren Wilson College

5. University of Vermont

4. Green Mountain College

3. Goshen College

2. University of Maine

1. University of Virginia



Source:  College Tracker

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