The Hazards of Ranching in Arizona Along the U.S and Mexico Border


PHOENIX, AZ (January 10, 2017) – Jim Chilton is the fifth-generation of his family working to make a living off of a ranch that stretches for 5 miles along the U.S./Mexico border.  Chilton struggles with a steady stream of illegal drug traffickers crossing his ranch and stated, “I sleep with a big shotgun next to my bed.”

To make things even more complicated, half Chilton’s ranch was also listed as critical habitat for the extremely rare wild jaguars, first placed on the endangered species list on 1972.  According to Chilton, everything proposed to increase border security, i.e. roads, more patrols, better fences, walls; is bad for the continuing survival of the jaguars.  

During the 2017 American Farm Bureau convention in Phoenix, our networks Lane Nordlund spoke with Jim about the struggles of being a rancher on the border.



Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Chilton Family

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