Top 8 animals at National Western Stock Show draw $319k in bids


The auction is the final market place for the ribbon-winning steers, lambs, hogs and goats that were raised by junior exhibitors, 4-H and FFA youngsters ranging in age from 9 to 18. The event began at 6:30 p.m. with a live broadcast on 9News as the top six animals were auctioned off. The auction started with a bang when the Reserve Grand Champion Hog sold for $34,000, nearly doubling last year's bid by $16,000. The Grand Champion Hog sold for $36,000, exceeding last year's bid by $6,000.

The money invested supports the junior exhibitors that raised the animal as they plan for their agricultural future and college educations. In addition, a portion of the proceeds support the National Western Scholarship Trust, which funds scholarships in agriculture and rural medicine at colleges throughout Colorado and Wyoming. This year 80 students received funds to aid their education.

The top eight champion animals posted total sales of $319,000 in this year's auction:

• The Grand Champion Steer sold for $100,000 to a brand new bidder Calcon Constructors, Inc. The steer was shown by 17-year-old, junior exhibitor Shilo Schaake, from Westmoreland, Kan.

• Kent P. Stevinson bought the Reserve Grand Champion Steer for $55,000, shown by 11- year-old Triniti Scott from Burlington.

• The Grand Champion Hog sold for $36,000 to Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. The junior exhibitor is 11-year-old Garrison Straka from Yukon, Okla.

• The Reserve Champion Hog was sold for a record -setting $34,000 to the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and shown by 16-year-old Madison Lynch from Cleveland, Texas.

• The Grand Champion Lamb went for an all-time record of $40,000 to Transwest Trucks, Inc. and was shown by 17-year-old Jenna Frink of Eaton, a youth exhibitor with aspirations to attend Colorado State University.

• The Reserve Grand Champion Lamb went to Colorado Business Bank for all-time record of $23,000. The junior exhibitor is 16-year-old Laura Winn of Moriarty, N.M.

• The Grand Champion Goat went to EKS&H, LLLP for $16,000 and was shown by 13-year -old Aspen Martin from Mason, Texas.

• The Reserve Grand Champion Goat shown by 18-year-old Brandon Schovanec of Garber, Okla., was bought by STEPS Foundation for $15,000.



Source:  Journal Advocate

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