U.S. in Short Supply of Agricultural Educators


Some of the world’s most pressing problems – sustainable food production, the state of the environment, improving public health – are quietly being addressed every day by teachers in our public school systems, something that might surprise those not familiar with agricultural education programs. National Teach Ag Day on September 25th aims to celebrate those important contributions agricultural educators are making. It is also a day to encourage students to pursue careers as agricultural educators because the profession is currently facing a critical shortage.

“The agriculture classroom is where we can begin to solve these really big-picture questions, and those classrooms won’t exist without our best and brightest minds choosing to become agricultural educators,” said Ellen Thompson, National Teach Ag Campaign Coordinator.

The highlight of National Teach Ag Day will be a live webcast from CHS headquarters in St. Paul, Minn. on September 25th from 1-3 pm eastern. The event will include special appearances by leaders in agricultural education, panels of current and future agriculture teachers, and tips for pursuing a career in agricultural education. There will also be opportunities for individuals celebrating across the nation to chime in through social media and video conferencing.

This week the Northern Ag Network's Russell Nemetz talked with Ed Educator Chad Massar from Joliet, MT about the National Teach Ag Initiative and National Teach Ag Day.

Events surrounding National Teach Ag Day will include a dialogue on Wednesday, September 24th that will bring together agribusiness leaders, policy makers and education professionals to discuss solutions-based strategies to ensure a quality supply of agriculture teachers. Participants will discuss how decision makers can support the recruitment and retention of agricultural educators, who in turn will produce the next generation of talent critical to the success of the agriculture industry. The dialogue is sponsored by CHS and AgriBank.

“At CHS, we’re committed to creating a strong future—and strong future leaders—for rural America,” said William Nelson, president, CHS Foundation and vice president, Corporate Citizenship. “The key to delivering on this promise begins with the support of our teachers, especially agricultural educators, who play a pivotal role in preparing the next generation of leaders in agriculture.”

To log on to the live webcast, or for resources to help you plan a local Teach Ag Day celebration, visit naae.org/teachag.

Source: NAAE

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