Wednesday, October 5, 2022

U.S. Military Loves American Wool


Wool is one of the world's most diverse natural fibers. It's this diversity that has made the U.S. military the American wool industry's number one customer.

The American Sheep Industry Association’s Wool Marketing Director Rita Kourlis Samuelson says “We’re trying to remind people why they use wool. It's not your grandma's wool sweater.”

With 18 different characteristics, wool plays a very important role in today’s U.S. military.

“Wool is naturally fire resistant which is great when around fire hazards. Wool is comfortable in that it breathes. It manages your temperature. I could go on and on but there really are so many properties that make it comfortable for a soldier to wear,” says Kourlis Samuelson.

This week the American Sheep Industry Association’s Wool Council is hosting a military wool tour in North and South Carolina. For woolgrowers like Randy Tunby from Baker, MT, it means a lot to see military men and women wearing clothing made from his wool.

“It’s a great opportunity for us woolgrowers to do this especially with the military. It gives us and them the chance to see our wool coming in as raw wool and then leaving a clean product to be used for clothes for them,” says Tunby.

Not only is the relationship between the U.S. military and American Wool industry an exciting one, it’s also a very important one. And one that all stakeholders involved hope to keep going for years to come.

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Source: Northern Ag Network

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