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Understanding Farm and Rancher Estate Planning Needs, Sioux Falls SD


Understanding Farm and Rancher Estate Planning Needs

SDSU Extension will host the Understanding Farm and Rancher Estate Planning Needs workshop on August 31, 2016 at the SDSU Extension Sioux Falls Regional Center (2001 E. Eighth St., Sioux Falls, SD 57103).


A recent study by SDSU Extension asked South Dakota producers and their family members different questions regarding the estate plan and farm transition plan they would like to create, or already have in place, for their family operation. The comparison of the answers may surprise you. The respondents answered questions about both the estate plan and transition plan if there was a next generation returning to the operation. Responders were landowners and both the on-farm and off-farm heirs.


Attend this session to ensure you are targeting the right issues affecting the family while you learn about areas the family need more information on as they create their plans.  Gain a clearer understanding about the topics the landowner generation needs to have additional and more direct conversations with their heirs on.

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