Wednesday, October 4, 2023

USDA Approves Lab-Grown Chicken

by Brett McRae

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has given two startup companies the go-ahead to sell lab-grown chicken. GOOD Meat, a subsidiary of food tech company Eat Just, Inc., and UPSIDE Foods will be allowed to sell their products that have been cultivated from real animal cells.

Investopedia says chicken from GOOD Meat and UPSIDE has been declared safe to eat by the USDA. The announcement followed a “no questions” letter from the Food and Drug Administration earlier this year. Cultured meat, also called cell-based or lab-grown, uses stem cells from animal fat or muscle tissue to feed cells, allowing them to grow. It’s then grown to the proper density in bioreactors before getting separated by a centrifuge.

The companies plan to introduce their products into up-scale restaurants, but Greg Henderson writes in Drovers that it could be years before they can be supplied to regional grocery store chains at prices that can compete with traditional animal agriculture products. Analysts predict the cell-cultured meat industry will eventually be worth approximately $25 billion.


NAFB, Drovers

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I have no need or want to ever try lab tested anything . At 76 years young I’d like to say I grew up with my parents who shopped each week for fresh cuts of meat at the butchers . Of course things have changed so much since those days but you don’t forget . Today even at the supermarket you really don’t know all that goes on so you purchase your meat and off you go . I really enjoy reading all your articles and hope to continue on . Thank you so much for all you do .

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