Using Sugar Beets to Keep Roads Clear this Winter


The City of Laval is planning to use beets to keep its roads clear of ice and snow this winter — but don't worry, it won't leave a purple stain.

A spokesperson for the city says it will be using the extract of white beets. The pilot project is part of an attempt to cut down on the cost of snow removal services and make it more environmentally friendly.

“An average storm costs about $5 million,” Mayor Marc Demers told Radio-Canada. 

Toronto, Halifax and Saint John, N.B., are among those who use beets to keep their roads clear.

Project director Nicolas Moukhaiber says sugar beet extract can withstand temperatures up to -30 C. 

He said the product will be added to the abrasive the city usually uses, which will decrease the amount of salt on the roads. 

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Source:  CBC News



Sugar Beet Harvest by ClizBiz, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  ClizBiz 

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