UW Extension Publication Examines Fall Feeder Cattle Price Slide

by Andy Schwab

A new University of Wyoming Extension publication aids producers as they determine when to sell their calves.

This publication, The Stocker Steer Quandary: The Price Slide, can help producers understand how fall feeder cattle prices are affected by weight, feed prices and finished cattle prices, which may impact how they manage livestock in the spring or summer, shared John Ritten, interim associate dean, co-author and professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

“A steep/wide price slide tells them the price difference between weight classes is changing rapidly, so they should be more intentional about observing the markets in order to find the best time to sell,” said Tevyn Baldwin, graduate student and co-author of the publication.

Baldwin hopes this will help producers become more intentional about observing the markets.

“I also think it is important to note this is not a crystal ball. We cannot perfectly predict what will happen with absolute certainty,” said Baldwin. “Instead, we can manage more adaptively and become better at making those predictions over time.”



UW Extension – 2021

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