Westphal Red Angus


Maternal Strength and Performance…Low Cost and Profit Based 

Each year we are proud to recommend the bulls and heifers in the Westphal sale. This year’s sale offering is as powerful as they have ever offered, and at Westphal’s you are buying from a “proven program”. 

The VGW cowherd has maternal strength and power- house performance. Vic sets the bar high on the females that stay in the herd, thus every head in the sale is out of a Westphal-bred female. That speaks volumes about the maternal strength and longevity of the cow families represented. This herd has nearly four decades of developing a trusted reputation of quality, and the Westphal cattle are developed under commercial range conditions. The bulls are sound, have even, quiet dispositions, and are developed for longevity and adaptability in all pasture environments. At VGW, you are buying from a highly successful, long-standing, proven Red Angus program. 

Every year we purchase feeders sired by Westphal bulls. As one long time feeder of Westphal genetics stated, “I could use thousands of calves bred like these red ones. These calves have the close out data that keep us coming back”. The feeding industry always demands quality. Profi ts with minimal inputs are what todays beef business is about, and the Westphal program hits the target. Reputation is everything and the Westphal cattle don’t fall short. 

Call us when you are ready to market your feeders. We are continually in the market to buy calves and yearlings, and bring over thirty years of successful marketing experience to the table. We have purchased Red Angus feeders from our fi rst year in business and our customers love to feed red cattle. 

Plan to join Vic and Shari Westphal and family on March 23. This is a program that is committed to superior genetics, customer service and total quality satisfaction. Call Vic or myself if we can help with your sight unseen guaranteed selections. We are always available to help with your bull or heifer selections. 

See you at the Westphal Sale, March 23! 


Dan Deichmann Deichmann Livestock Brokerage

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