What the Hay: Thousands flock to annual Montana Bale Trail


by Keeley Van Middendorp – MTN News


GREAT FALLS, MT (Sept 12, 2016) – Check out some of the “amhayzing cre-hay-tions” that central Montana community members showcased at the 27th annual Montana Bale Trail – AKA “What The Hay” event on Sunday.

The “What the Hay” (Montana Bale Trail) is organized by The Friends of the Hobson Library/Museum and sponsored by local businesses and private individuals. 

It is held annually on the first Sunday following Labor Day in conjunction with the Utica Day Fair. 

Beginning in 1990, “What they Hay” has grown from a friendly, tongue-in-cheek, competition between two neighboring ranchers into a full-blown, major tourist attraction. 

In 2003, it was named Montana’s Tourism Event of the Year

More than 6,000 people attended over the weekend. 

2016 Winners

1.Buff-HAY-lo Jump — Clint Carr

2.Tea Part-Hay — Kyle and Steph Carr, Heather Hull

3.happy HAYpy Campers — Don Derks

4.Ebale Kniebale — Nate Carr

5.PepHAY Le Pew — Staci Auck

6.Build HAY Wall — Hobson Class of 2021

7.Save the Boob-HAYs — Relay for Life

CLICK HERE to visit the Montana Bale Trail website. 



Source:  KTVQ News 



photo credit:  Montana Bale Trail

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