Winter Storm Making Travel Difficult but Good for Snowpack Totals



Source:  Q2 Weather 

BILLINGS -The Billings National Weather Service has updated their winter storm warning which goes through 6 PM Tuesday. Now instead of getting 4 to 6 inches of snow it looks like 6 to 10 inches of snow may be possible due to the continued upslope flow of moisture into the region.

An upslope flow enhances snowfall development as the moisture rides uphill into a cooler layer of air. Some places around south central Montana have already seen as much is 16 inches of snow that was 5 miles east of Springdale. So far parts of Billings, has seen 8.5 inches of snow, mostly on the West End.  Lockwood has measured 7 inches of snow while Laurel has picked up 5 inches.

The snowfall is expected to continue overnight into tomorrow morning. Then take a break as the upper level low that’s causing the storm slides into the central plains. A fresh batch of moisture will be moving in from the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday afternoon giving the region an additional inch or two of snowfall. By the time Thursday and Friday get here the snow will have ended and temperatures will begin to warm back up again.


Northern Ag Network Note:

Slick roads are making travel especially difficult all over the state.  Around Billings, most of the schools opted for a snow day, including the Billings school which haven't canceled classes in 25 years due to snowy weather.  This semi driver slid off the road near Lockwood.  

Thanks to Lynn Marchant for sending the following pictures and information from a semi wreck on Monday:


The first image (3487) is looking on from Johnson Lane. The truck was trying to turn left onto Johnson Lane.  The second image is looking on from Hwy 87.  


I was told they had to unload the cattle to get it all unstuck.  Cars coming in from Hwy 87E had no way to get through.  This happened around 2:00 and finally cleared up about 6:00. 




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