Workshops on Family Farm and Ranch Transition, Bozeman MT


Free Workshops on Family
Farm and Ranch Transition

GREAT FALLS, MT (Feb. 25, 2015) – The Montana Farmers Union is sponsoring three workshops on family farm and ranch transition.  Presenting will be Mark Andrew Junkin, author of Farming with Family Ain’t Always Easy, whose presentation on ‘Going Home’ will highlight ways to improve how families make decisions together and create success as they work together.

The FREE workshops are at the following locations and times:

Tuesday, March 3:

University of Montana, Missoula
UM Law School, Room 201
6:30 PM

Wednesday, March 4:

Montana State University, Bozeman
Animal Bio Science Building, Room 134
6:30 PM

Thursday, March 5:

MSU—Northern, Havre
Brockman Building, Room, 209
6:30 PM

Each attendee will receive a CD copy of Junkin’s book, Farming with Family Ain’t Always Easy.

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